For our senior capstone project, my classmates and I were charged with researching and creating fake businesses, then branding them to showcase our talent as graphic designers. To create a cohesive show, we decided that each of our businesses would be based in Pittsburgh, PA. While all of our businesses were seperate, we worked together to brand and market the show. 

Shown below are some of the pieces that I created for our show, #brandingtheburgh.

Steel Knot Weddings

For my individual project, I wanted to center my business around an app in order to give myself more experience in user interface and user experience design. After some research, I decided to create a wedding planning business and app based in Pittsburgh, PA. 

I thoroughly enjoyed researching design trends and creating a body of work for Steel Knot Weddings.

Below are some of the screens and materials that I designed for this project.

Steel Knot Weddings Brand Book